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Electronically Organised Noise Show
Deep and Hypnotic Techno
Category: Techno
Location: Wakefield
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I love music FULL STOP. Most forms and I won't judge or dismiss until I've actually heard it. Not just electronic music either....

by Craig Harlock
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February 16, 2020 07:00 AM PST

Blazej Malinowski Driffting
Massa Exploration
Blazej Malinowski End Of Perception
Kyntral Curaci—n
Kyntral Lican Ray
Valentino Mora Steamroom (6am Exaltation Mix)
Dorian Gray Landing on the shardana planet
Alex Randal Brain Diffusion
Billy Turner Brakes
Antonio Ruscito Trance 3017
Limo Fluid Identity (Edit Select Remix)
Reggy Van Oers & Joachim Spieth Undulatus Asperatus
Joachim Spieth Luminophor
Reggy Van Oers Pristine
Claudio PRC The Place Where We Were Born
Deepbass Battle For The Mind
TGP The Golden Age (Marcus Henriksson Interpretation)

February 14, 2020 01:00 AM PST

Elochim Other Worlds
Marco Shuttle & Prime Minister of Doom Sing Like A Bird(Captain Cosmotic's Tribal Days Version)
Hoedus Doppler Shift
Kaspiann Reconnect
Elochim DROMMA
Ntogn Ziggurath
Ntogn Ba'al
TGP The Runaways (Deepbass & Ness Remix)
CHPTR Torrent Of Speculation
Dorian Gray Orion,s Belt
Refracted Modern Rituals

February 11, 2020 06:01 AM PST

Raroh Pomeranjia
Ntogn Pray to the Eagle God
Raroh Existentaia
Luigi Tozzi Automa
Kaspiann Cave Of Escher
Ntogn Changa Slums
Ntogn Chšnyid (Illumination)
Fšllakzoid IIII (DJ Nobu Remix)
Ntogn Qarava'an
Lito Vesania
Parhelic Shell Eid™lon
Eric Cloutier Ekpyrosis
Birds ov Paradise Plejset
Kaspiann Oath Of Pagan Path
Primal Code Snake Charmers

January 15, 2020 10:33 AM PST

Intrepid Soul Crickets In Late Summer
TGP The Golden Age (Extended)
TGP The Golden Age (Marcus Henriksson Interpretation)
TGP - Claudio PRC Night Shift (Luigi Tozzi Remix)
TGP - Dorian Gray Telepathic Contact
Intrepid Soul Rays
Deepbass Stasis
Deepbass Sleepwalker
Dorian Gray Crystal Technology
Reggy Van Oers & Joachim Spieth Undulatus Asperatus
Joachim Spieth Evaporate
Modern Heads Beginning (Claudio PRC Remix)
Modern Heads Athena
Blazej Malinowski Un Chien Andalou
Undveld Unraveling
Joachim Spieth Dispersion
Joachim Spieth Iliachtides
Joachim Spieth Lambda
Joachim Spieth Luciferin
Joachim Spieth Luminophor
Dorian Gray Rigel
Edit Select Innervision
Edit Select Gray Formula
Aubrey Cinders (Edit Select Remix)

January 02, 2020 11:00 AM PST

Halo The Wastelands
Kit I Grew Up Here
Valentino Mora Extravagate (Transfiguration Phase II)
Wayne Duggan Homeward Bound
Baransu Hubble
Skymn Doctrine
Valentino Mora Steamroom (6am Exaltation Mix)
Illuvia D'Arc
Primal Code Country of a Thousand Hills
Luigi Tozzi Śeṣa [Digital Bonus]
Luigi Tozzi Nāga [Digital Bonus]
Skymn Subterrane 1
Intrepid Soul Crickets In Late Summer

December 31, 2019 08:19 AM PST

Valentino Mora Extravagate (Transfiguration Phase II)
Valentino Mora Steamroom (6am Exaltation Mix)
Ben Buitendijk Transcended Being
Artificial Drm Forgotten Tribes
Altstadt Echo Modern Cathedrals pt. 3 (Luigi Tozzi Remix 1)
N¿rbak Aod
Joachim Spieth Layer 2
Joachim Spieth Annihilatio
Reggy Van Oers & Joachim Spieth Noctilucent
Ben Gibson Soliloquy
Claudio PRC The Place Where We Were Born
Deepbass Stasis
Primal Code Mutara Speech
HŠrdstedt Shill (Ntogn Edit)
Bohdan Paralingua
Birds Ov Paradise Who by Fire

December 24, 2019 12:00 PM PST

Global Communication 14 31 (Ob-selon Mi-Nos)
Textural Being Vantage Points
Markus Guentner Saint
Istigkeit They Deserted The Cause (Subion remix)
Modvs, Iori Distinguished From Fear (24 bits)
N¿rbak Aod
Speedy J Trails (Speedy J's Bonus Beats Dub Tool Jam)
Speedy J Shoegaze (Speedy J Tool)
Brendon Moeller Adjust to the Fading Light (Ben Klock 'Just in Time' Remix)
Joachim Spieth Layer 2

December 22, 2019 07:47 AM PST

Intrepid Soul Lovebirds
Knay Sunday Agendas
Doctrina Natura Praying For The Spore (Deepbass Remix)
Knay Tr.3
Intrepid Soul Coolwater Stream
Mod21 She Can't Fall Here ( 2nd Version )
Alan Backdrop Dr_c_ (Feral Acid Jungle Remix)
Formant Value Driade IV
Mod21 The First Dust
Deepbass From Beyond
Ness Mentalist
Mod21 She Can't Fall Here
Citty Pastel child
Svarog Interference (Original Mix)
Refracted M16:24mm
Refracted M8:13mm
Nigm Ground Movement

November 21, 2019 01:00 PM PST

Martyn Päsch When You Miss
Brendon Moeller Abondon
A Sacred Geometry Hectic
Joachim Spieth Chalcedony
Brendon Moeller Glow
Skymn Okuyi
Elle Thanatos 4
Luigi Tozzi Nāga
Luigi Tozzi Śeṣa
Deepbass & Ness Edo
Reggy Van Oers Ebullient
Takaaki Itoh Terraria
Kas:st Pathos
Deepbass & Ness Unconscious
Bohdan Tungsten
Ness The Spaceship Of Imagination
Deepbass Deformation
Wrong Assessment Useless Lights
Dorian Gray Holographic Lover
Pvrv. Superposición cuántica
Deepbass The Void
Luigi Tozzi Oplite
Joachim Spieth Introspect
Luigi Tozzi Sub-Photic Zone (Edit Select Remix)
Limo Fluid Identity (Edit Select Remix)

November 19, 2019 08:00 AM PST

Martyn PŠsch Feelings
Valentino Mora Astrometric Effect
Ryogo Yamamori Suzumishi (Nature Dub Mix)
Giuseppe Falivene Lune
Martyn PŠsch Indefinite Feelings
Valentino Mora Trans Format Eurotica (Underwater Rephase)
Olorun Yuki
Donato Dozzy The Drunken Ghost
Crossing Avenue Laguna
Valentino Mora Hualien
Voices from The Lake Secondo Tempo (Original Mix)
Valentino Mora Trans Format Eurotica
Giuseppe Falivene Pensiero

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